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The 5 Popular Ways To Style Bomber Jacket That You Shouldn't Miss (กรุงเทพมหานคร)

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You can’t deny that bomber jacket is one of the most popular trends in mens fashion with a story from the military origin. Today it’s minimal and clean and also stylish if you combine with other clothes. Let’s find the ideas in 5 ways to style bomber jacket that will make you more stylish. If you didn’t have bomber jackets yet, it’s time for one.


1.      Shirts

Even Shirt and jacket is a simple combination. Just try make a match to wear a nylon jacket with zip details in blue palettes and white short-sleeved shirts. Then finish with ripped jeans and sneakers to get chillax. In your formal look just go with trousers in the same shades as your jackets. Then add a final touch with a tie, leather shoulder bag, and Chelsea boots.

2.      Hoodies

Try a black leather jacket with a black or grey hooded tops that can make more elevated look in the street style. Add some nice pair of sneakers and a checked scarf. But if you’re the one who’s in love in the basic colors, give your ensemble a pair of white trainers or black leather boots.

3.      Tank Tops

For the summer season, how can we say no to wear tank top inside? Take over the basic outfits to layer a black nylon or satin jackets over a white or black tank top and khakis trousers or jeans. Is it too simple? Accessories can make them work. Top off them with a knit hat and carry a cool duffel bag what a great combination

4.      Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are the most versatile and practical tops to pull off from your wardrobe on cooler days. Team up a leather burgundy or brown jacket with a lighter turtleneck in white or cream colors. You can fill up your legs with a pair of leather or cotton chinos pants. Then add your favorite watch and aviator sunglasses. End up with cool boots or derby shoes to look more polished.

5.      Polo Shirts

For a neat and relaxed style, we recommend you stick with a polo that has a neat and structured collar underneath your jacket. For the combination of the jacket with the basic colors of polo, these two items go well together. It’s an easy way to make your look an extra cool into your casual repertoire. Then round off with hi-top sneakers. 

H&M Bomber jackets are the stylish and practical outerwear to take you throughout the years no matter what seasons. Just style them in the right way that fits with the occasions and weathers. As we mentioned above, you already know that these jackets are good to go in basic garments in neutral colors without a try. All you’ve to do is check the jacket’s lengths and its sleeves that are perfect for you. Don’t miss to follow and stay in the fashion. for more detail https://th.hm.com/th_en/men/shop-by-product/hoodies-sweatshirts.html

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